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How difficult are these tanks to install?

Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install the Freedom Fill Auxiliary System. Our installation comes standard with every component needed to install our aluminum auxiliary fuel tank to your truck. You may also call us at 1-800-773-3047 for help with your installation.

Our saying is, "If you know righty-tighty, lefty-loosey, then you can install this fuel system."

Where can I have my fuel tank installed at?

Installations are available here at our Fort Worth, Texas plant by appointment only. We also have an extensive installing dealer network. Please follow this link for a Installer Near You.

How can I become a dealer for your fuel tanks?

To become a dealer and be added to our dealer list, please call or email us. We will then send you a dealer package, which will include catalogs, price list and account information.

Will your tanks work in a gasoline truck?

Due to DOT & EPA regulations, we can no longer have available auxiliary fuel tanks for gasoline trucks. Auxiliary fuel tanks and fuel systems are for diesel fuel only.

We do have Legal Gasoline Transfer Tanks.

How do I know what kind of truck bed I have?

A long bed is approximately 8ft and a short bed is approximately 6.5ft.

Will installing this fuel tank void my factory warranty?

No, if you install the auxiliary diesel fuel tank per the instructions and use the components that come with the installation kit, it will not void your factory warranty?