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Custom Toolboxes

Since we are the manufacture of our fuel tanks and toolboxes, we can custom build you a fuel tank or toolbox. If you or a customer can't find what you are looking at when viewing our standard stock items, then a custom unit is your answer.

We do not have any minimum for a custom product.

We can custom build Auxiliary Tanks, Transfer Tanks, Refueling Tanks, Generator Tanks, Hydraulic Tanks, Boat Tanks and Gray/Black Storage Tanks. We can build custom toolboxes (tank & toolbox combos), battery boxes/trays, LP Trays, custom aluminum covers, and more. We will require a rough drawing of the tank to give you a quote. Trust me, we have seen some pretty rough drawings!! If you feel you can't make a drawing, just call us and we can try to make a drawing for you. We will have to have you sign an approved copy of drawing before we begin production.

Just because it is Custom, doesn’t mean it is that much more expensive.

Custom Products will require a deposit and will have a longer lead time than our standard stock items. We will not build any tank that will not meet or exceed DOT, EPA, or VESC-22 Regulations.

You can either fax (817-378-9765) or email ( your drawing to us for a quote. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-773-3047.



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