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Blemished-Custom-Incorrect Fuel Tanks


Sometimes during the manufacturing process, a new fuel tank will get a blemish such as a scratch or a dent or simply just made incorrectly. Other times, a fuel tank can become damaged from shipping. We also have some used fuel tanks left by customers. NOTE: We do not accept any fuel tanks for any “trade-in basis” for a new fuel tank or buy back a used tank.

All fuel tanks are all pressure tested and inspected to ensure no leaks. All INCORRECT / CUSTOM / BLEMISHED / DAMAGED / USED fuel tanks are sold “AS-IS”. Please review the description of each fuel tank carefully.

Once they are gone – they’re gone.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order over the phone, please call us at 1-800-773-3047.

Warranty information:

Used Fuel Tanks: 30 Day Warranty

Damaged Fuel Tanks: 1 Year Warranty

Incorrect/Custom/Blemished Fuel Tanks: 7 Year Warranty


NOTE: INCORRECT, CUSTOM, BLEMISHED, DAMAGED and USED FUEL TANKS warranties begin upon delivery of fuel tank.

*Any modification to the fuel tank voids any and all warranty.

**It is up to the end user to meet all state and DOT regulations.

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